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A genealogy-lit fest!

There's a saying amongst authors, often aimed at new writers, "write what you like to read". So, as well as being an author of genealogy mysteries I also love reading them!

Recently I've been stocking up on a few and have a tantalising pile of books by writers such as Steve Robinson, the author of the Jefferson Tayte series, Dan Waddell, who writes the Blood Detective series and Nathan Dylan Goodwin, whose books feature his genealogist character Morton Farrier.

I've enjoyed all the books which I've read so far from all of these authors' respective series but I still have lots left on my TBR list to look forward to.

Here's my review of Nathan Dylan Goodwin's fourth book, The America Ground, which I posted on Goodreads.


I love novels in which little known, but fascinating, history is woven into the plot, so this being the case with The America Ground, I was intrigued from the start. Couple that with the thrill of a genealogy trail, ably carried out in the company of the affable Morton Farrier and I knew I was in for a treat. And, as with the other Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s mysteries I’ve read, there was the added chance of learning a thing or two about genealogical research methods along the way - always an extra bonus for a keen family historian. The fiction is merged brilliantly with the true history of The America Ground, a parcel of coastal land outside Hastings in Sussex, on which a community sprung up in the 1820s and 30s. The harshness and precariousness of life at that time is well portrayed as the story of prejudice, greed, revenge and worse plays out in two timelines - in the early 19th century, recounting the tragedy of the Lovekin family, and in the present day as Morton digs deep into the archives to solve a 180 year old murder. As we’ve learned to expect with Morton, he manages to cross swords with an unsavoury character bent on ensuring the secrets Morton has been engaged to uncover don’t see the light of day. But, as ever, Morton refuses to be deterred, despite the inevitable consequences. A great story and a very entertaining read.


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