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Professional genealogist, Emma Jolly

The reality of life as a genealogist can be quite mundane... I decided to try the work of Devon-based author, Wendy Percival, and discover the world of her researcher protagonist, Esme Quentin. READ MORE

History Interpreter, Dr Janet Few

Q: If you could go back in time, what period would you choose and why?

A: There are a lot of periods in history which fascinate me...


Bookblogger, Short Book and Scribes

Q: What's the most interesting thing you've discovered about your family history?

A: I'm not sure "interesting" quite covers it! I've certainly found my fair share of illegitimacy, bigamy... READ MORE

Historical novelist, Susan Hughes

Q: What was it you found out about your family that inspired you to write fiction? 

A: It was the discovery of a 19th century death certificate, issued in Australian... READ MORE

Journalist & blogger, Anita Butler


Blood, bitterness and blackmail. Author Wendy Percival talks about her first novel, Blood-Tied, and completing her second, The Indelible Stain. READ MORE

Emma Jolly
Janet Few
Short Book and Scribes
Susan Hughes
Anita Butler
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