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The secrets of our bookshelves

I recently took up the challenge to post a photograph on Facebook of the cover of a favourite book each day for 7 days. As the books on my bookshelves have to earn their place - i.e. they're only allowed to remain if I've particularly enjoyed reading them - it was very easy to grab 7 candidates without having to think too hard!

Although there was no requirement to say anything about the books, I found myself reflecting on why they were there. For example, my first choice was Love Story, by Erich Segal, the first book which made me cry!

Another on my list was Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey. My copy is unusual, and rather special, in that it's an Advanced Reader Copy which I won in a competition.

Then there's the perennial favourite which must adorn many a shelf - Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, which my mum introduced me to and so which holds a special place in my memory.

As I browsed the shelves, I was surprised how many books had their own additional "story" which has nothing to do with what's inside the pages. I'm sure many of you out there would say the same.


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