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Mysteries of a #Devon churchyard - a poignant inscription

As you'll know if you've been following this blog recently, I've been curious about the stories behind the gravestones in the churchyard next to where I live (see Churchyard Mysteries and subsequent posts).

Like most family historians, I love wandering round churchyards and occasionally I'll come across an interesting or intriguing inscription.

On the gravestone of Luke Hosegood, who died in 1895, is a lovely poem which sums up the setting in which he is buried.

And when I die, oh let me lie

Where trees above me wave

And wild flowers bloom around my tomb

My quiet country grave.

I wonder who wrote it? It seems particularly poignant given where he met his death, which wasn't in this beautiful rural location where he was born.

But that's another story, the pieces of which I'm still gathering together. So you'll have to wait to find out more!


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