• Wendy Percival

Toy Story, #familyhistory style

I’m making progress on the postcard organisation front, mentioned in last week's blog post. Next job is to sort each pile into date order. Then I can put them in my new postcard album!

Of course, it’s easy to get distracted by reading the messages… and I was amused to find a reference to a long-told family story about me and "My friend Rupert" when once, much to my dismay, he'd been left behind somewhere.

My friend Rupert

Where was Rupert?

Thanks to a postcard message I came across, I now know what happened and when. I was two years old and we were on our way to a holiday in Tenby, Wales. In a postcard sent to my grandparents, my dad had written – following comments about a good journey and the inevitable reference to the weather – Wendy left Rupert in café. Had to go back 4 miles.

You can see Rupert in the photograph below, safely back with me in my pushchair while on a visit to Manorbier Castle, later in the holiday.

Another "badly behaved" toy!

The discovery reminded me of another “lost toy" story involving my niece’s cuddly friend, Cape Town. In a scenario familiar to many parents, Cape Town was nowhere to be found, despite a thorough search of the house. It was decided that the only explanation was that Cape Town had been left behind in town. So my brother-in-law got in the car and drove off to re-trace the family’s steps of earlier that day.

Of course, shortly after he’d gone out, my sister went into the kitchen and noticed Cape Town peering out at her through the window of the washing machine! Mmmm... I wonder how he'd got in there? 😂