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Poor old George

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

I'd always known the story of my great uncle Tom, (Thomas Diggory) and the disabling leg wound he'd received during WW1, in March 1917. (You can read a full account here on my Family History Secrets blog).

But I recently I learned that his elder brother George (pictured left at his wedding to Ethel Price in 1921) had also sustained a leg injury during the WW1. His records show that he suffered a gunshot wound on 29th September 1918 while he was serving with the Lincolnshire Regiment.

As I'd never before heard about George's leg wound, I can only assume it was because Tom's was more serious and was what everyone remembered, primarily because of the long-term problems it caused him

I do hope that at the time of George's injury, Tom's situation didn't completely overshadow his brother's and that poor George got the sympathy due to him!


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