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Old photo phrustration!

The family historian's greatest frustration - unnamed old family photographs!

When we came across a fabulous Victorian photograph album belonging to my husband's late parents, we were very excited to find the photos were labelled on the back. Not only was the name of the sitter written down but also their date of birth and the date the photograph was taken.

But disappointingly this only applied to the photos on the first couple of pages. The remainder - more than 30 - were unmarked, other than one pencilled Mr & Mrs Moxon , Regent Street and another labelled, Mr Baker (which I wrote about in a post on my Family History Secrets blog, The Mysterious Mr Baker). We have managed to identify another couple from matching those we already know but other than that, we've made little progress.

The frustration of having unidentified photographs was discussed this week on Twitter's #AncestryHour (Tuesdays at 7pm BST, if you'd like to join us). One of my Twitter friends, Gill, suggested we needed to invent a time machine, go back in time and pass a law that required everyone to write on the back of family photos!

Of course then the discussion moved on to, which period of time would you like to travel back to?

Personally, I'd be happy to go back to any period of time and observe everyday life as it really was. Each holds its own fascination. And wouldn't it be intriguing to meet our own ancestors!

Do you have a particular time period you'd like to visit?


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