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Memories with an ironic twist

I was drooling this week over our photos of Snowshill Manor in the Cotswolds, now owned by the National Trust, which we visited at exactly this time last year. It has a stunning garden, as you can see from the photographs below, and is one of my all-time favourites. I love the design of the “outdoor rooms”.

As well as the beautiful outside spaces, the house itself is equally as compelling. Kent architect Charles Wade bought the estate in 1919 and spent the rest of his life assembling an eclectic collection of antiques, art and paraphernalia – everything from toys, bicycles and dolls houses, to musical instruments, clocks and even suits of Samurai armour.

Items are on display in a warren of interconnecting rooms and entry to the house is timed to ensure there’s enough space for visitors to view everything properly. 

As I flicked through the photographs, my eye fell on this one, below left, telling of Wade’s plans for Snowshill shortly after he bought it. Nothing particularly significant about the photo, you might think... until you spot the brand of the typewriter... Spooky!



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