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Intrigue and inspiration

I've thoroughly enjoyed the recent BBC TV series, A House Through Time which tells the history of 5 Ravensworth Terrace in Newcastle through the stories of its residents since the house was first built. There have been the inevitable tragedies, family trauma and crime which has made for fascinating watching. It's been equally as intriguing as the first series about 62 Falkner Street, in Liverpool.

I'm now inspired to start looking into the history of the cottages in my own village - a natural development from researching the people buried in the churchyard. I doubt that what I'll discover will reach the dizzy heights of that of a smart town-house in an historic city, but there's sure to be drama in there somewhere. For a start, there's the murder of Sarah Down in 1822... but that's a story for another day.

For now, though, the "house through time" concept is uppermost in my mind because, coincidentally, the history of a house is central to the plot of my new Esme Quentin novella, Legacy of Guilt, which is a prequel to the Esme Quentin Mystery series.

Read on to find out more...

Legacy of Guilt

The shocking death of a young mother in 1835 holds the key to Esme Quentin’s search for truth and justice for her cousin.

With the tragedy of her past behind her, Esme Quentin has quit her former career, along with its potential dangers, and is looking to the future.

But when she stumbles upon her cousin in traumatic circumstances, Esme realises that her compulsion to uncover the truth, irrespective of the consequences, remains as strong as ever.

If you'd like to read Legacy of Guilt, the ebook is available FREE to download when you join my Readers List.

Just click on the book image above and you'll be taken to the sign-up page on my website. Then enter your email address to be sent the link to get your ebook.

Now... where did I put all those census records for the houses in my village...?



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