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An exciting find!

I signed off last week's blog post (Mystery of George's WWI wound) lamenting the fact that I had no photograph of my great uncle, George Diggory, in his WWI uniform.

Well, it turns out I was wrong! While hunting around for photos of my gran, Edith Diggory, for her 7UP story which I'd planned to do for this week's blog post (which will now be at a future date) I came across a bundle of WWI photos of my granddad - Edith's future husband- (Ernest) George Shelley, which I hadn't looked at in a while.

As I browsed through them, I found another interesting photograph - one of the aforementioned George Diggory looking splendid in his Lincolnshire regiment uniform. But even more significant, I spotted he had the wound stripe I mentioned in last week's post, sewn on to the sleeve of his jacket. What a find!

It had obviously been sent to my gran, as on the back was written, From George to Edith.

But I must also share with you another photograph I discovered (below) - that of my gran, Edith, taken when she was about 20.

It was clear from what was scribbled on the reverse of the photograph that it had been taken as a keepsake while its owner was serving during WWI. But was it as a memento of a sister or of a sweetheart?

The clue was in the pencil written message: If found on the battlefield, please return to 12 Nursery Walk, Tettenhall. My granddad's home address. Ah bless!



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