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7UP #familyhistory style Nº 2

It's my dad's turn today for the 7UP experience, following on from Mum's story last week, inspired by the TV series of programmes which began in 1964 charting the lives of a group of children in 7 year increments.

Interestingly, Dad's first milestone at age 7 had a fundamental and lasting impact on the whole of his life, as you'll see below in Dad's 7 UP story.


Dad injures his hip after falling off a wall. He is admitted to Standon Hall TB hospital where he stays for 3 years. [More about that in Preserving the Memories]


Dad leaves school and starts an engineering apprenticeship, becoming a tools designer.


By now Dad is an active member of the Scouting movement - he will remain associated with scouting all through his life, going on to serve as a district and county commissioner in the future.


Dad is now married to my mum. Their first house is named Fistral, after their favourite beach in Cornwall where they went on honeymoon.

35 UP

Dad now has two daughters - me and my sister.

42 UP

Dad is a member of the local operatic society and also takes part in the scouts and guides' district"Gang Show", growing a beard especially for the part.

49 UP

Dad's work takes him to Canada for 3 snowy months. (Mum and my sister go with him and live in Calgary for the duration.)

56 UP

Mum and Dad buy a campervan and spend holidays exploring the UK.

63 UP

Now a widower, Dad is semi-retired so has time to play with the grandchildren.

The 7UP programmes have only reached this point in the lives of those involved so I'll finish with my favourite photo of Dad in recent times, taken a few years before he died.

Dad never let that dramatic incident at 7 years old deter him from leading an active and fulfilling life. His only regret - and completely outside of his control - was the loss of my mum when they were looking forward to retirement and sharing more of their time together.


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