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Therapeutic Cornwall

By the time this post whooshes its way on to the the World Wide Web, I’ll be away recharging my batteries on the Cornish coast.

In the past, when went away with the family, I used to choose a novel to read to the children at bedtime which was set in the location where we were staying. I remember a particular favourite was The Wind Eye by Robert Westall, set on the Northumberland coast, near Lindisfarne. Brilliant book! It became legendary in our family, creating a fabulous atmosphere during the holiday.

This week's choice

It’s a habit I’ve continued after the children have grown up and left home so this week I chose to take away with me two books with a Cornish theme Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher - (I loved her well-known novel, The Shell Seekers) and Ghostwritten by Isabel Wolff which I read about on the Trip Fiction website and has earned many glowing reviews.

Trip Fiction

As I’ve mentioned before, I often browse Trip Fiction for book suggestions. Their search engine is cleverly set up for finding the genre you like in the location you’re visiting.

My only decision will be which of these two novels to start first! Having read a sample of both, I’m sure whichever I decide on, I’m in for an enjoyable read. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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