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Malice of Angels 3D (cropped).png

The deepest shadows hide the darkest truths

Esme Quentin is reminded of a painful past when Max Rainsford, a journalist colleague of her late husband Tim, turns up unannounced, asking about a story on which Tim reported 35 years ago – the murder of an old soldier. Esme, wary of Max's motives, declines to get involved.


Meanwhile, Esme’s friend Ruth, prompted by WW2 anniversaries, wants to solve the mystery of  Vivienne, her mother Bea's sister, a wartime nurse who never came home.


Despite Bea’s disapproval, Ruth is convinced the truth will finally help Bea come to terms with her loss and asks Esme to investigate.

Esme unpicks the threads of Vivienne's past and stumbles upon a disturbing connection, linking the old soldier’s murder to her own distressing past and her late husband's fate.


As events unravel, Esme realises that to uncover the secrets behind Vivienne’s story, she must also confront the terrifying truth behind her own.

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