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The Indelible Stain 3D (cropped).png

Secrets from a tainted past...

Esme Quentin's arrival in north Devon is marred by the gruesome discovery of a fatally injured woman at the foot of Warren Cliff. Esme is troubled by the woman's final words and curious about the old photograph clutched in her hand. The police, however, dismiss Bella Shaw's death as accidental.


But Bella's daughter, Neave, has her own questions and approaches Esme for help. The subsequent trail leads Esme back to the brutal penal history of 19th century England and the mystery of a Devon convict girl transported to Australia for her crime.


As evidence of betrayal and duplicity are revealed, Esme discovers Bella's link to events in the past - a link which now endangers Neave and, by association, Esme.


A legacy of hatred which has festered for generations in the 'land beyond the seas' now threatens to spill over on to Devon soil with devastating consequences.

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