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Following the clues

It's clear from studying the postcard written to my great-uncle, Tom Diggory (see Message on a Postcard and Message on a Postcard 2) that it throws up a number of clues which, if followed, might add something to Tom's story.

Some I've already high-lighted, such as who was, W Bright, the sender, and what was Tom doing in Scotland? Having found the possible identity of W Bright, I might find the answer to the second question if I learn more about Craigo House.

Ada and Annie, as I've previously mentioned, are listed on the 1911 census as being housemaids at Wergs Hall. But what else can I find out about them? I wonder what the significance is of Annie going to Aberystwyth or Ada to Wellington?

Like all his brothers and sisters, Tom was born at The Lodge, at nearby Park Hall, where the family used to live and where his father Thomas was a groom and gardener. By the time of the 1911 census (when Tom was working at Wergs Hall) the family had moved to The Wergs. Thomas senior is listed a farm bailiff and one of Tom's sisters — 20 year old Nellie — is a parlour-maid. Are both working alongside Tom at Wergs Hall? What's the story behind the move from Park Hall to Wergs Hall?

Finding something more about Tom's employer, Colonel Thomas E. Hickman might answer those questions. I'll report back soon!


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