Wendy Percival

I'm the author of the Esme Quentin mysteries, inspired by family history secrets.

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A desperate crime kept secret for 60 years.

But time has a way of exposing the truth.

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Esme Quentin is devastated when her sister Elizabeth is beaten unconscious, miles from her home. Two days later Esme discovers that Elizabeth has a secret past...

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"A clever twisty tale of murder, family secrets and genealogy! "

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The New Esme Quentin

novel is OUT NOW!

The troubled words of a dying woman at the foot of a North Devon cliff,  lead Esme Quentin back to the menacing world of 19th century convict transportation.

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The Mystery Lace Lady - a little closer to identitfying who she is!

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The Indelible Stain

"... I love the kind of mystery which sends me barking up the wrong tree and this is such a story."  

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