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Murder mystery on Hartland's coast

The fabulous Hartland Quay, courtesy of Peter Keene

When I wrote the second Esme Quentin mystery, The Indelible Stain, I'd already decided where it would be set. The rugged coastline of North Devon, around Hartland, has always held a fascination for me, ever since I first moved to Devon back in 1980, a long time before I started writing.

Throw in some shocking revelations surrounding the brutal history of 19th century convict transportation to Australia, and the plot for the book began to grow.

Esme finds herself drawn to mystery of a convicted Devon girl in 1837 following her gruesome discovery of a fatally injured woman at the foot of Warren Cliff. Troubled by the woman's final words Esme shows her usual tenacity in a desperate search for the truth.

I was delighted when the local paper published an article about the book's publication and mentioned the enthusiasm of visitors to Hartland Quay Hotel (mentioned in the book, albeit in disguise!) at being able to read a story set where they were staying.

It was this idea which prompted the creation of Trip Fiction, a website where you can search for books set in locations across the world.

Click on the link or the image below and find your perfect holiday reading. Or stay at home and visit via your armchair (or garden lounger) instead!



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