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This adorable little building, The Cabin, at Bucks Mills, near Bideford, was once the the quirky retreat of artists Mary Stella Edwards and Judith Ackland who came here to be inspired by the beautiful location.  I am indebted to the artist Linda Gordon for allowing me to use her delightful photograph. Linda has spent time as "an artist in residence" at the cabin and you can find more about her work on her website www.lindagordon.org.uk


The Cabin is now administered by the National Trust and remains unchanged since the early decades of the twentieth century. It is rarely open to the public, so this will be a  opportunity to see inside.



Meet the rest of the authors


Ruth Downie – author of crime novels set in Roman times.

Janet Few – author of social history books and a forthcoming novel set in North Devon

Susan Hughes – author of twentieth century historical fiction.

P. J. Reed – poet and author of horror and fantasy novels.

Liz Shakespeare – author of books inspired by the people, history and landscapes of Devon.

Pamela Vass – author of North Devon based fiction and social history.


Please note: Due to limited space, a maximum of  2 authors will be in the cabin at any  one time.


Saturday 29th April - Monday 1st May 2017


10 a.m. — 4 p.m.

Over the May Bank Holiday weekend, seven Devon writers (myself among them) will be taking it in turns to spend time in the idyllic setting of Bucks Mills, enjoying the view and chatting to passers by. Why not pop in and say hello?


I shall be in The Cabin on Saturday 29th April 2017.


Hope to see you there!

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